Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A friend of mine introduced me to this site. It's pretty hilarious! Here's what I made with it. Clicky

Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick thought.

Is it possible that I missed an opportunity and you were the one the whole time?

Update: Yes I did miss that one.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My, has it been a busy year so far. Two auditions coming up, one which will determine whether I'll be going to University this year. It's been a stressful experience so far; waiting for a yes or a no. In the meantime all I can do is continue to practice and prepare, both mentally and emotionally oh, and pray. I've also found that I'm not as sure about a few things as I was before. Time to rethink a little bit. The only downside to preparing for University is that I have not had time to put energy and focus into other projects that I'm passionate about. It's been nearly impossible to find time to devote to producing new tracks. I hope the summer will change a few things.

So begins, officially, one of the most busiest years so far! Lets see if I can pull this one off.

Favorite track this posting is by "DNS Project." The track was released last year and it's called "Mindful." Interestingly enough it's one of the few tracks I've listened to where I've actually preferred the Radio mix of it.
Link is here!

Monday, January 31, 2011


It's been one of those kinds of weeks.. Exams did not go nearly as well as I would have hoped and I've caught a dreadful flu type cold in the process. With all these negative things happening it's been very easy to get frustrated, but something interesting happened today. As usual when I saw my final mark for my guitar exam I was pretty much ready to just say "I quit!". However, the days that followed I had a few good conversations with my father about why such a thing happened and it really opened my eyes. Although I do enjoy playing in the classical style of guitar I've always been on the fence between a modern method and the classical method. I love playing rock, metal, classic rock, blues and all those kinds of styles as they very much appeal to me and I love the sounds I can get out of my electric guitars, but I've neglected the very style that I plan on studying in university.
Although I've been told I put good work into my studies, I have very much left out myself, my emotion from my playing in that style. As always there are still issues of technique that I must work on, but after much thought I picked up my guitar again and played the same pieces. This time however, I concentrated on putting myself into the piece and although I still made mistakes, the whole performance sounded better! I think although I have a passion for the guitar I've slowly become a bit of a robot over the past five years of study. I now know what I must focus on as well as the obvious things.
With that in mind I will end this post with this. There are still many other frustrations that extend beyond music, but I hope and I pray all will come together with time. I wish anyone who reads this a good week and also to encourage you to think about what you are currently doing in your life and think about how much of you, you're putting into whatever it is you're doing. If you find that you have become a bit of a robot in your ways, take a step back and gauge whether it's just the routine that has caused this or maybe you need to be doing something else with your life.
My favorite track for this post is going to be something completely different from the usual electronic stuff I post.
The piece is by the guitarist Fernando Sor it is titled "Allegretto Op. 47 No. 2" I'm currently learning this piece and I am liking it a lot! The guitarist playing it is Cesar Amaro link is here!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This is going to be short and sweet. I've found what was lacking in my performance. Despite still having some difficulties with technique, the one thing that I've discovered lacking is my emotion and passion for this instrument! Sheesh... Get it right, man.

I will however, add a favorite track to this post, link is HERE! The song is called Suru and it's by a producer duo known as Super8 & Tab. This is a nice quite emotional trance song done in a more or less traditional style. Enjoy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crunch time!

Ah, I just love exam time. You just get this real relaxed feeling about you. Okay, that was blatant sarcasm of course, however I've been told and this is probably obvious to most of the human race; it is better for your health and for your performance to relax! I've kind of learned this the hard way over many years. Mind you I still get very stressed before an exam, especially if it's concerning music (which this exam is).
With that being said I haven't had the time, or the energy to really practice any songs that aren't for the exam so this means it's going to be a fair bit longer before I can get any covers recorded as well as my own stuff. Which actually brings me to a reason why I don't like music exams, because as I get higher in grade my practice sessions get longer and so do the pieces and all the technical practice. This results in me having less time (and less energy!) to work on music I'm truly passionate about. Don't get me wrong the music I do have to play for exam purposes, I like, I even like it a lot, just obviously not as much as the styles I play outside of the exam field. I also haven't had the time to work on my latest electronic work either which saddens me greatly, but I'm hoping to have it finished in the near future, though I can't be specific on when it will be done.
I leave you with a couple things. Firstly check this guy out! He's a good friend of mine who plays the drums very well and I'm privileged to be able to jam with him and perform with him. Link is here! this cover is of Kanye West's "All of the Lights. Secondly my favorite track for this post will be a track by Vast Vision, released near the end of 2010, it's called "Friendly Faces". It's got a nice somewhat heavy bassline and some good melodies that move me! Link is Here!

Catch you next time!

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