Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OMG a whole month?!?

Yes, it has come to my attention that I haven't posted in practically a month. Life's busy, well most of the time anyway. I hope to have some new songs posted in the future and a final version of "Dundarave" posted soon on youtube (a version has been streaming on my "Myspace" for a while), but it sounds like crap. Writer's block is also setting in as school progresses, but hopefully that will change soon enough.
I'm also trying to gather enough money to upgrade my music production software so I can make things sound even better.
I think what I will also do is have a "favorite track" posted in every blog post I write from this day forward, so today a favorite track I'd like to share is by Orjan Nilsen, the track is called "Be As One (La Guitarra)". I prefer the extended mix, but depending on the attention span you have you may want to look for a "Radio Mix" instead. Click here for a preview of the favorite track.
On a final note I actually downloaded a dance tune that has a mistake in the midi programming. One of the chords sounds completely out of place in the track. The track is called "Aircraft" by Dinka. The mistake only shows up a few times later on in the song, but it's really annoying especially considering the rest of the track is solid. I want my money back...